Hi, and welcome to Income Habits!

I’m Mark Ling, and in case you don’t know me, I’m from Christchurch, New Zealand.

I’ve been successfully run several online niche businesses over the years that have resulted in enormous success.

During that time I’ve formed friendships with well over 100 Millionaires.

I’ve also seen many people (my students and other folk) go from next to nothing, to pulling in 6 and 7 figures per year online. And a few folk even scale as high as 8 figures a year.

The most critical factor that determines success is the habits that you keep. That may mean that some habits may need to be broken in order to be replaces with new empowering ones.

So please keep an open mind.

Over the next 4 days we’ll be covering the top 12 habits of Millionaires!

Firstly, I have some important introduction videos for you to watch…

…And tomorrow we’ll dive into the Income Habits themselves.


Mark Ling
Founder of Income Habits

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Income Habits of Millionaires (Day 1 of 4)
Introduction Part 1 - Where Your Habits Come From
Introduction Part 2 - The True Key to Limitless Success
Introduction Part 3 - You Can Improve at Anything (Growth Mindset Explained)
Tomorrow we’ll dive into the first 4 Income Habits of Millionaires
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