The “Blue Ocean” Affiliate - Discover the EXACT 3 Phase Strategy that Chris Uses to Make Over $47,500/wk Online!

We are running a LIVE workshop, that reveals more about his step-by-step method for high affiliate profits from using Automated Software to generate Ads, Voices, Webpages, etc.
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1:32 - My special guest have made $74,000 in a single day doing what we'll be talking about in this video. He's averaging $47,500 a week.
4:10 - You don't have to have a big budget to get started with this. 
5:38 - "RI" Model will be the key to be able to profit bigger even if you started with a smaller budget.
6:00 - Francisco went from $500 a day in profit and scaled up to $14,000 a day doing the three steps that we'll be discussing in this video.
7:25 - This business model is something that hasn't been done before. This is why it's very profitable and the best time to try this business is NOW.
8:15 - First Step: Create an Ad (See how he leverages Artificial Intelligence to create high converting ads)
9:20 - Second Step: Set up a specific type of ‘landing’ page (this page template can be built in minutes and maximizes buyer clicks).
10:00 - Third Step: Drive Traffic to a High Converting Offer (See why you don’t have to do any of the ‘selling’ to make huge commissions).
18:43 - By doing this method, Chris, Keegan, and other beta testers have made a ClickBank product which was previously ranked 150 to rank number 3 in just a few weeks. This shows how powerful their method is.
31:09 - This is how you know how to find a winning ad (and when to turn off your losing ones).
36:30 - You don't have to have a film crew, you don't need to spend hours in editing the video, hiring voice over artists, etc. to make this all work.
46:20 - You should join the workshop coming up for in-depth EXACT instructions
Yes, notify me when the registration opens!
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